Retaining Walls

Technical & Design

Our retaining walls are freestanding wall units, which can be used for a host of applications, from storage facilities to boundary walls.

We offer a full range of standard heights from 1.0m Р3.75m, although bespoke requirements can be easily accommodated. All units are designed to BS EN 1992-1-:2004. Our retaining wall products have also been awarded the CE mark and comply with the requirements set out by the Construction Products Regulation. To find out more about Forterra and CE marking, visit:

Our units are designed to be loaded from either side when fixed to a concrete base. The standard design covers two loading conditions: a level backfill with an applied surcharge of 10kN/m2 or a sloping backfill with a maximum angle of 35o without an imposed surcharge. The retained material being granular with a specific moist density of 18kN/m3, making our units one of the highest performing in the UK market. Our units are manufactured from high strength C50/60 concrete with 45mm nominal cover providing them with excellent durability for a range of exposure conditions (BS8500-1:2006 – XC3/XC4, XD3, XS3, XF4).

Please note: all our units will require a suitable concrete foundation that has been designed by a qualified Engineer to ensure ground bearing and stability requirements are met. (See our technical download for more information).

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